Set Goals Instead Of New Years Resolutions

One of the problems with New Years resolutions is that most of the time they are very vague and not well thought out.

If you just say “I will read more books”, “I will exercise more” or “I will lose weight” that are most likely things you already new you wanted to do before.

I would recommend to use the first days of the year to really write down those wishes and then go through them to prioritise them and transform them to goals!

The difference between New Years resolutions and goals

You most probably already heard about the term SMART goals. To make it a goal it is important to make it measurable. Instead of saying “I will read more books” maybe better say “I will read two books every month”. When doing this you will instantly get a better feeling about the consequences. Reading two books in one month means maybe about 500 pages in 30 days, which means around 17 pages per day. With an average reading speed of 2 minutes per page that’s about 34 minutes. Now you now that you can really decide if that’s what you want to do.

Another example would be instead of saying “I will exercise more” say “I will go to the gym 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work” or “I will run 15 minutes every morning before going to work”. Again you get a feeling about the consequences. That could be getting up 30 minutes early to have time for your run or subscribing to a gym and blocking time for it in your weekly schedule.

Get help with phrasing your goal

After installing GoalJo on your phone the first thing it does is help you phrasing and verifying your SMART goal. Instead of only making the goal measurable you also make it specific, achievable, relevant and set a target date. Afterwards you can decide if you want to subscribe to make GoalJo remind you every morning and evening about your goal, ask you questions about your progress and that way also help you keep track and review your weeks, months and even years learnings and challenges.

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