How to create a vision board

What to put on a vision board

Everytime you experience something that inspires you and motivates you to work on your goal you can take that and add it to your visionboard.

For example I recently saw the new Lion King movie and felt motivated and inspired when Simba realized that he had an important role and that he has to fight for the ones who are important to him. Afterwards I searched for a motivating picture of a lion to put it on my vision board and remind me of that feeling every day.

How to create it

My vision board is just an empty black landscape oriented A4 document where I place pictures in any way I like. Afterwards I export this picture as jpeg or png and set it as wallpaper on my computer.

I used the software Affinity Designer to do that, but there are a lot of applications that can solve this task.

Mac Tools

If you are using a Mac you could use Keynote or Pages.

Windows Tools

I’m not a windows user so I don’t know a lot of tools. If you know some free or included tools that can be used for this task feel free write them in the comment section below. One open source tool you could use is Gimp (a Photoshop alternative), but you could probably also use Powerpoint or Word.

iOS, iPad, iPhone Tools

You don’t really need a computer to create a vision board nowadays. There are a lot of apps that help you with creating a collage of images. You could also just use Keynote here.

And hey if you create your vision board on your iOS device you can set it as wallpaper or lock screen image 😉

What else to do with that pictures

I also took all pictures that I used for my vision board (and a few more), put them into a folder on my computer and set my screensaver to play all pictures in that folder as slideshow.

Every time I find a new picture that inspires me I add it to my vision board or replace an old image. Maybe I will one day also print it and put it on a wall at home.

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