How to plan the day?

It’s evening and you’re asking yourself what you’ve done during the day.

In the past I had that feeling every now and then. But when I start the day by looking at my todos, selecting what I want to do today and adding that to my calendar, I don’t have that problem anymore. I know what I’m going to do today and in the evening I’m aware of all the things I achieved today.

Moreover I am getting better in estimating how much I can actually accomplish during one day and my plans are getting more and more realistic.

To stick to the schedule it can help to use the Pomodoro method, where you set a timer to always know how much time is remaining and prevent getting distracted.

First you need to know what your most important goal is. If you’re not sure if your current goal is defined well or of you’re not clear about your most important goal for the next few months at all, download GoalJo from the AppStore and get help phrasing your goal.

Afterwards you can define the next steps and create todos. Every morning you select your tasks for the day from this list.

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