How can I stay on track with my goal?

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

Mike Murdock

I’ve experienced it so many times, I set a new goal, was highly motivated and started working. A few days go by and suddenly there are a few days, maybe vacation or some rare events, where I don’t work on my new project. After daily routine kicks in again I somehow lost my flow and stopped working on my project for quite a long time or even started a new one.

What helped me a lot was when I learned about daily journaling. I tried out a few journals and realized how it got easier for me to keep working an my goals for a longer period of time.

The daily routine of journaling helps me to condition myself to work on my goal every single day.

After trying a few different journals for a while I experienced some difficulties. When I used physical journals in form of a book there were still days when it happened that I didn’t have my journal with me in the evening before going to bed. Or there was something going on in the evening and after turning off the lights and going to bed I realized that I forgot to write my journal and had to turn on the lights again to be able to write.

I learned that it was easier for me to use my phone for journaling. After trying a few journaling apps none of them did fit to my requirements why I started to just use the notes app.

After using notes app for a few months I was quite happy but there was a lot of inconvenience and I started planning to create my own journaling app.

Long story short: I created a prototype and used my own app, while improving it every day, to achieve my goal of getting the app ready publish it on the app store.

I hope you are as excited about GoalJo as I am. Any idea and every wish is welcome and could get implemented soon. Do not hesitate and tell me what you want from GoalJo!

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